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You have come to the right place because we are eager to help anyone who is seeking help with intimacy and sexuality concerns. We know that it often takes a considerable amount of time, sometimes years, to take this step and reach out. You will be in the safe hands of our wonderful team of sex therapists, who are all either experienced clinical psychologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, and highly trained counsellors.

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Navigating Emotional and Sexual Intimacy Workshop For Therapists

25 September 2024, Wellington. To see more detail and to register: Click here 

 A one-day workshop for therapists to train with Allyson Waite and Paula Dennan, Clinical Psychologists, Sex Therapy New Zealand

Many couples struggle to maintain both emotionally intimate and sexually fulfilling relationships in long-term relationships.  Difficulties with intimacy, including desire differences, are a common presenting issue for therapy.

"When your partner wants way more sex than you do". Interview with Mary Hodson, our central regional director and specialist in emotional and sexual intimacy. 

Karen Nimmo asked sex therapist Mary Hodson, of Sex Therapy New Zealand, these questions.

  • Is there an ideal amount of sex in a relationship?
  • When most couples are under huge stress with work and families and life admin, at the end of a hard day, a cup of tea and a good book make pretty decent bed partners, don’t they?
  • What should couples struggling with differences in libido do?
  • Is it possible for a couple to change their sexual style?

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Sex Therapy NZ  is committed to maintaining the health and well-being of both our clients and therapists. While we strive to meet client needs with appropriate flexibility, we are also committed to following Governmental advice and guidelines of our respective professional bodies. Many of our therapists will provide both face-to-face and therapy via remote services. If you have an underlying health condition, the option to have telehealth consultations is available, please contact your therapist as soon as possible. Please also contact your therapist if you or those you are close to, actively have Covid 19.

We wish all visitors to our site and all our clients, continuing good health.

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