'When your partner wants way more sex than you do" - Karen Nimmo interviews Mary Hodson, our regional director and specialist in emotional and sexual intimacy.

Karen Nimmo, a clinical psychologist of Karen on the Couch fame, When your partner wants way more sex than you do May 24 2023

Research suggests around 80% of couples experience discrepancies in sexual desire, with men typically reporting higher levels than women. However, this a generalisation; there’s a lot of variation not just between male and female partners, but in all sorts of couple configurations.

Sex – along with money and kids -- is one of the top reasons couples fight. At a superficial level it causes niggles, at worst it blows into huge arguments. There’s frustration and rejection from the one who wants more sex; guilt from the one who doesn’t – and resentment from both.

Nimmo says that specific problems are best dealt with by specialists. So, Nimmo asked sex therapist Mary Hodson, of Sex Therapy New Zealand, these questions.

  • Just how common are discrepancies in sexual desire?
  • Is there an ideal amount of sex in a relationship?
  • When most couples are under huge stress with work and families and life admin, at the end of a hard day, a cup of tea and a good book make pretty decent bed partners, don’t they?
  • What should couples struggling with differences in libido do?
  • Is it possible for a couple to change their sexual style?

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