Why You Need Sex Therapy New Zealand

Finding a mate to accompany us on our journey through life is fundamental to our wellbeing.

Being able to fully love and be loved is a basic human need. Sex Therapy New Zealand is in the business of helping people achieve that goal.

Not only is it fundamental to our wellbeing but it is also fundamental to society because strong sexual relationships make strong families and strong families make a strong society.

Most people receive little if any education in sexuality. We seldom get taught how to make a relationship work. Most of what we do comes from our observations of our parents - who may or may not have been good role models. The lack of intimacy education results in feelings of inadequacy, inappropriate expectations and leads to a wide range of sexual problems, relationship dissatisfaction and breakdown, infidelity,and destructive sexual behaviours.         

So many relationships breakdown as couples drift apart from not addressing intimacy problems, leading to painful separations and often, eventually, a repeating of the problem. Such a lot can be gained by addressing sexual problems with competent professional help.

Although sex these days frequently features on television, in magazines etc., the messages given are often sensationalised and thus not helpful, sometimes even destructive. To make things more confusing the 21st century brought the medicalisation of sexuality with drugs being advertised as quick-fix solutions to sexual problems. Although most people do realize that it takes more than a firm erection to make good sex, it has been difficult to get useful information about all the skills required.

Sex Therapy New Zealand promotes a matter-of-fact, well informed approach to eradicate the myths and to help New Zealanders build lasting, satisfying intimate relationships.

It isn’t appropriate or legal to tell the stories of any of the couples and individuals who have been helped by sex therapy but two frequent comments are: ‘I never thought I’d say this but I’m actually glad we struck this problem because now our relationship is more intimate than it’s ever been’ and ‘I didn’t know I was capable of such feelings’!