What Sex Therapy Involves?

Sex therapy involves talking with a qualified sex  therapist who will help you work through your sexual and intimacy concers.

There is no physical examination at all. You keep your clothes on throughout all consultations and there will be no physical contact. 

Your therapist is used to talking about sexual concerns in a matter of fact way and will provide a safe and non-judgemental environment.  You may find that the initial consultation is the first opportunity you'll have had to express your concerns and it is can bring quite a relief.  

After the first or second appointment, the specialist should have enough information to provide an assessment or an oveview about your situation.  You will then be able to discuss the options you have and consider the changes you want to achieve. At about this time, you should know how many appointments may be required.

Finding the causes of the problem is crucial to achieving those outcomes so it's likely that the therapist will have more questions to ask in order to obtain a full picture of your situation. 

If you're in a relationship we recommend that your partner attends too so that both perspectives can be considered.

Few of us are ever taught about sex and there is a lot to learn. Not only the 'how to' parts, but all the skills needed to make a sexual relationship enjoyable and lasting. For some this may involves addressing destructive sexual behaviours first.

There will be an assumption that both you and your partner will be committed to attending therapy sessions and to work between sessions on the issues that are raised.  Most likely there will be homework exercises too, such as talking about specific topics, reading helpful books or articles and other similar activities.

The following is a common statement made at the end of sex therapy:

‘I never thought I would say this but I am actually glad we developed this sexual problem. I had no idea our relationship could be this good’.