Paula Dennan is our Central and South Auckland Regional Director and Therapist

As a regional director, I coordinate referrals within the Auckland Region, liaising with the most suitable therapist for your needs. We have a team of excellent therapists operating in the Auckland Region, including Central, North, South and East Auckland areas.    

I work in Central Auckland in Parnell and offer online consultations. I have over 30 years of clinical experience, completing Advanced Sex Therapy training in 2005. I am particularly interested in working with couples with emotional and sexual relationship/ intimacy issues.  I believe each person has a unique history of experiences and skills influencing their thinking, feelings and behaviour. I enjoy working collaboratively to develop therapy goals and new possibilities towards these goals.

I also provide consultancy for various personal and clinical issues (e.g. mood disorders - anxiety and depression, grief, and emotional and/or sexual trauma, which can also impact healthy sexual functioning).

I am also involved in training and supervising therapists in sex therapy and relationship therapy skills, enabling me to support our therapist and allied professional community.

Regional Director
Dip of Psychology (Clinical); Registered Clinical Psychologist

Sex Therapy New Zealand will never use the referral data base for any purposes other than that related to purpose of providing services offered by the company.