Zoom Safety Measures and 1-hour Email Consults

Zoom Safety Measures:

Both the professional and the free versions of Zoom now have many superior features, and our professional therapy organisations and registration boards have authorised their use. The safety measures can protect your privacy and private information by -:

  • Sending a security password.
  • Providing a secure waiting room so that the therapist can see that you are the only ones in the waiting room before they allow you to join the consultation.
  • The security passcode can make it so that you must sign into the waiting room.
  • Locking the meeting once you and the therapist are connected and no-one else can enter or eavesdrop on the meeting.
  • The therapist does not record  the consultation, unless a client specifically requests it. The rrequested recording is saved on the computer and not in the cloud.

Our therapists already have a great deal of experience using video consultations, as there are many parts of New Zealand where there are no sex therapists, so several of us in the company provide a remote service for those people. It works well, isn’t affected by buffering and doesn’t drop out. It gives the opportunity to provide a quality service and the picture and sound are clear and therapists report clients are interacting well and the therapy is enhanced when appropriate techniques and tools used.                                                            

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1-hour email consultations

1-hour email consultations are not a recommended substitute for face-to-face sex therapy as there is a limit to what can be achieved through this medium. Some people start out with a 1-hour email consultation and then move to face-to-face consultations. 1-hour email consultations give you an opportunity to have your question answered in private, without even having to identify yourself.

The answer to your question will be written by a qualified and experienced sex therapist and will address your exact concern and there will be a discussion of the issues arising. It will be sent to you as an attachment to an email.

Any question about sexuality, intimacy and relationships is valid. Please give enough detail for the therapist to be able to answer your question fully and helpfully, but be aware that only one question or concern is addressed per consultation. The therapist will include referral information and may suggest books or other resources that you could find helpful. We will try to ensure you receive your response within 5 days. This time frame is due to the fact that our therapists may already have commitments to clients.

N.B. In accordance with the policy recommendation of therapist's relative professional organisations, this service is only available to people in New Zealand or to New Zealand citizens overseas.

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