Does menopause mean I will loose interest in sex?

Menopause does not necessarily lead to a loss of libido so although it is one potential factor it may or may not be an important one as far as sexual interest goes. Post-menopausally a woman's production of estrogen is lowered and this leads to vaginal and vulval tissue becoming much more sensitive and less elastic.

It also means that lubrication doesn't happen naturally anymore, even if highly aroused. So it's important to get an estrogen cream from your GP that is used vaginally twice weekly in order to keep the tissue healthy and elastic enough to have sex painlessly. This is reputed to be 'good' estrogen, so you need have no concerns about the impact on the rest of your body.

Also, be sure to use a lubricant for any vulval touching and for intercourse. Some people find saliva is a fine lubricant. Others prefer to buy a commercial preparation. Monitor your vulval and vaginal tissue's reaction to whatever you use.

There are many other factors that could contribute to loss of interest in sex including relationship wellbeing, your physical wellbeing, your emotional/ psychological/ spiritual wellbeing amongst other things. Sex therapy is like doing a jigsaw puzzle - by talking about your sexual concerns the answers are able to be found.

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