What is Sex Therapy?

If you're in a relationship its best that both of you come to sex therapy. Many therapists will want to start with a joint session: ie a meeting that lasts for about 50 minutes in which the therapist will ask you and your partner questions about your relationship, your concerns and the background to those. You get to keep your clothes on! There is no physical examination and no sexual activity occurs in the session. Often the first session will be followed by an individual one each. How many sessions are needed depends on the problem(s). Sex therapy can take from one to many sessions. Many therapists will give you homework between sessions.

If you have experienced psychotherapy, counselling or psychological treatment before, this will not be very different but it will be focused around your sexual concerns, sex will be talked about openly and the therapist will have a lot of knowledge and comfort in this area. Many people feel some initial discomfort in talking about matters of sexuality because it isn't something they are used to doing, but the therapist will quickly put you at ease.

Sex therapy costs vary according to the region you live in and the qualifications of your therapist. They range between $140 - 240 per session.

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